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Newport Shores

Newport Shores is a paradise of choice for residents and visitors alike. This place has something for everybody. Visitors can participate in an active lifestyle or relax under the beautiful clear skies of Newport. One of the best things to note about Newport is that not every activity costs anything and that there are often cheaper alternatives to nearly everything. It’s a good idea to look and find the best deals possible for the trip.

Here are places and activities to start you off on your adventure:

Sharma Cosmetics in Corona Del Mar State Beach

Corona Del Mar State BeachCorona Del Mar State Beach

This beach offers plenty of fun, but the best part about that is that all that fun is free. Visitors can watch the crystal blue water while listening to the crashing waves to clear their minds.

The waters are calm enough to swim in if you desire. Waves can also be found if you want to surf. There are public volleyball nets for you to play in with your friends. Picnic tables are also in the area to help you eat comfortably. Bring the necessary items before coming to the beach, such as volleyballs, medicines, food, drinks, towels, a beach blanket, etc.

Sherman Library and Gardens Sharma Cosmetics

Sherman Library and Gardens

This place might as well be called the Garden of Eden on Earth because of its collection of beautiful flowers. There are flowers visitors have probably never seen before. Each area is worthy of praise because of how beautiful and well-maintained the garden looks. Inside is a collection of rare books guests aren’t likely to find anywhere else. Bookworms will enjoy visiting the area.

Balboa Fun Zone

This place is meant to cater to families because it’s meant to entertain the kids. Families can find a big Ferris wheel and other rides in this entertainment park in Newport. Plenty of games are in the area, and it may help distract the kids for a while but be sure to watch the kids.

Once you’ve had your fun, there are many restaurants to choose from in the area. The restaurants offer delicious food and drinks, and it will be hard for you to choose just one. It may be best that you look online to see which restaurants offer the best meals. The area can be busy at times, so be sure to prepare accordingly. It’s a good idea to choose a restaurant with a great view to relax.

The area has hotels you can stay the night in if you’re inclined. Be sure to make reservations beforehand for an easier time.

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