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Newport Harbor

Golden sands and magnificent crystal clear waters are the treasures you will find at Newport Harbor. A paradise on Earth that can reinvigorate your spirit to help you face the future challenges that come your way. Newport Harbor is a beautiful place full of recreational activities to choose from to help you relax. One of the best parts about Newport’s best activities is often they are free for you to enjoy during your stay.

Here are different ways to go sightseeing in Newport Harbor

Sharma Cosmetics in Newport Harbor riding a bike

Newport harbor ride a bikeRiding a bike

A great way to see what Newport has to offer is by riding your bike. Bikes offer a mode of transportation that is both healthy because of the exercise it offers and the ability to get a good view of your current area. Riding a bike is a great way to exercise because it’s easy on your joints, and Newport has taken measures by adding bike trails to aid bikers to have their adventures.

It’s good to ride a bike but be sure to take some measures to keep yourself safe. Be sure to bring your medications, food, and water during the trip to avoid problems. Do not forget to take a buddy with you just in case, and make sure you both have cell phones.

Newport Harbor park walking Sharma Cosmetics


There are plenty of places in Newport Harbor meant for walking. You can go to the pier to watch the sunset with your significant other for a romantic moment. Restaurants are plentiful in the area and offer a diverse selection of meals and alcoholic drinks. There is also an assortment of shops that offer souvenirs at different prices for you to purchase. Shops are everywhere and offer different prices for items, which makes it a good idea to look everywhere before committing to a purchase.


You can take a cruise to go see the sea and its amazing wild life. The sea in Newport is an ecosystem rich in animal life that you can visit. You can see whales and dolphins in their natural habitat and witness the creatures of the sea going about their day. The cruises themselves may offer different sights. It’s best to decide which sights you are interested in to make a decision on which cruise to choose. You can then search where the cruises are offered and go there for a hassle-free time on the sea.

A word of caution, but it may be best to only go on cruises if you know how to swim.

When going to a place like Newport, it’s likely you will be forced to wear something revealing because of the weather. It’s normal to be insecure about your body because of some unwanted weight. Visit Dr. Giriraj Sharma for liposuction and body sculpting services. Dr. Sharma is a cosmetic surgeon who offers facial plastic surgery in Newport Harbor. You can also get other cosmetic procedures for your body done in the clinic. He will make your body look good to make you confident no matter what you’re wearing.

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