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This beautiful beach city gives you some of the best views you’ve ever seen. One of the best things about this place is the number of places you can watch the sea and sunset during your stay.

Sharma Cosmetics in Newport beach california

Newport beachNewport Beach

Witness a paradise covered in golden sand and surrounded by crystal blue water. That is the kind of view waiting for you when you visit Newport beach. You can enjoy the sea by swimming and surfing around the area to experience the sea’s pleasures. If you want to relax, you can lay a beach towel or blanket to let you lie down and enjoy the view of the sunset. Enjoy playing cooperative sports like volleyball with your friends. The possibilities are endless on this beach.

Newport Pier

The pier is a humble structure that offers a more peaceful but beautiful view of the sea and sunset. This place has a bit of a romantic vibe going when watching the sunset with your special someone, which makes it a great place for a date. Watch the sunset while listening to the crashing waves for a meaningful moment in your relationship.

Newport center whale watching

The Wedge

The wedge is a popular destination for surfers because the height of its waves can reach up to 30 feet. The unique geological features allow better waves than most beaches. Check out the wonderful waves yourself when you visit Newport beach.

Whale Watching

Newport offers cruises that give you clear and close-up views of the many different types of whales you can find in the sea. These cruises usually last for about two hours so eat something first before embarking.

Fashion Island

This mall is one of the best attractions you can visit in Newport. It is a center of culture and entertainment. The mall features a plethora of fashion brands to offer a diverse selection of clothes to fit any budget. A diverse selection of restaurants also awaits you in Fashion Island, with dishes from all around the world waiting for you to taste. You can also visit the community center to learn about the many activities you can participate in for fun and to meet new people.

Newport has plenty of attractions to offer, and these are only suggestions of activities you can enjoy when visiting Newport. Depending on your hobbies, it may be wise to search about the attractions of Newport before visiting to ensure you know where to go once you visit the city.

Beaches are not the only attractions in Newport because this area also has parks. The parks will let you see beautiful grasslands to let you see nature. Take your time and relax to enjoy all of Newport’s pleasures.

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