Laguna niguel

Laguna Niguel

Nestled in the San Joaquin Hills of Orange County, Laguna Niguel offers the natural beauty of the OC along with its cosmopolitan points of interest, bringing you the absolute best of both worlds. Residents and visitors of the luxury of exploring one of the many scenic trails in the canyons, enjoying exquisite dining and shopping in the city, or heading out to towards the coastline to enjoy the beach.

Laguna Niguel trails

Laguna niguel trailsOUTDOOR ACTIVITIES

Laguna Niguel is widely known for its extensive parks and trail system. Over one-third of Laguna Niguel is public open space, featuring vast wilderness amongst the rolling hills and some of the best biking trails Orange County has to offer.


Laguna Niguel Regional Park is located in the center of Laguna Niguel, featuring extensive trails and sports fields and courts. Within this 227 acre park, Laguna Niguel Lake is a popular fishing and boating venue. Crown Valley Park, visited by over 250,000 people per year, is the hub for the Laguna Niguel’s main public sports facilities. Aliso and Wood Canyons Wilderness Park consists of over 4,000 acres of canyons, grasslands and riparian forests.


Laguna Niguel features over 80 miles (130 km) of non-motorized trails for hiking, biking and horseback riding.  Some of the more popular hiking trails include the Aliso Summit trail, which hugs the rim of Aliso Canyon on the western edge of Laguna Niguel, and the Colinas Bluff Trail on the eastern border, overlooking San Juan Capistrano.

Laguna Niguel dining and shopping


Indulge in the best shopping in Laguna Niguel, from global luxury brands to discount outlets, paired with entertainment and dining, at centers located everywhere in the city. Look and feel your best as you experience the best of Orange County.

Laguna Niguel offers its residents and visitors a range of culinary options and experiences. Savor some of the best seafood of the Pacific coast, or dine in one of the upscale steakhouses. Laguna Niguel highlights the diverse population of Orange County, with international cuisine to satisfy your cravings and inspire you in the kitchen.


Laguna Niguel is a place with a rich history and a story to tell. Visit the local museum to learn more about Laguna Niguel’s rich history to help you gain a better appreciation of Laguna Niguel. Everything in Laguna Niguel has a story, and learning about it all is part of the fun.

You may also find tours to historic sites in Laguna Niguel. Try asking travel agencies about walking tours to visit places with a story around Laguna Niguel. Books may also be available for purchase to learn more.

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